Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo 2017

Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo 2017


All Routes (100-mile, 100K, 45-mile and 22-mile)

Rules of the road apply
Road and hybrid bikes are recommended
All riders are subject to pre-determined cutoffs for the safety of all riders. Please consult the timing table for guidance
All Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo (ESGF) courses close at 1:30 PM, after that time no official support will be provided
100-mile and 100K routes are capped at 600 participants each
There will be multiple ESGF run rest stops along every route. Once finalized the rest stops will be listed on the ESGF website and communicated to participant
Riders that disobey the rules of the road are subject to be removed from the event at the discretion of the police officers present

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