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Friday, March 6, 2015 9:42:00 AM

These 10 lucky Advantage members will be participating in the SOLD OUT Big Sur International Marathon on April 26th. We hope you have an amazing time!

    • Laura G. (San Jose, CA)
    • Jacqueline L. (New York, NY)
    • Neva S. (Woodland Hills, CA)
    • Amy G. (Citrus Heights, CA)
    • Rose H. (Stockbridge, GA)
    • Michelle O. (Miami, FL)
    • Denis E. (Madison, WI)
    • Cathryn S. (San Jose, CA)
    • Jaime B. (Archie, MO).
    • Clay V. (Manteca, CA)

Stay tuned for our next event in the Exclusive Access to Premier Events series: The Air Force Marathon!