4th campground free

Make 3 campground reservations and get up to $90 back on the 4th

Rebate requests can be submitted to ACTIVE one of three ways. See all options under "Details" below.

Eligible reservations are those made through ReserveAmerica.com

A “Reservation” is defined as one unique reservation transaction confirmation number, provided by ReserveAmerica or other campground reservation site powered by ReserveAmerica.

Advantage members will be reimbursed, via a mailed rebate check, up to $90.00 on their 4th reservation. If the 4th reservation is less than $90, the rebate check will be for the actual amount of the reservation.

All four (4) reservations included in the rebate claim must be made during one annual membership term (30-day trial period does not count). (I.E. If a member’s annual membership term starts on March 24, 2019, all four reservations must be made from that date through March 24, 2020).

This offer does NOT apply to every 4th reservation (I.E. the 8th or 12th reservation made during a membership year), only the 4th reservation made during that membership year.

If all four (4) reservations are made on the same day, ACTIVE will reimburse the member for the lowest of the reservation costs.

ACTIVE will NOT reimburse members for their 4th reservation if that reservation is made at the same campground as the previous reservation(s) in consecutive days.

Reservations must be made by the Advantage member, not someone else.

All four (4) reservations must be made as a CURRENT Advantage member. (I.E. If one reservation was made in February and the member signed up for the program in March, the reservation made in February will NOT count towards the four reservations).

Claims can only be submitted by CURRENT Advantage members. (I.E. If the member canceled their membership in February, then submits their claim in March, it will not be processed).

Rebate requests can be submitted to ACTIVE one of three ways:

  1. Members can send, in one email, the following information for each of their past four (4) reservations to AdvantageRebates@activenetwork.com:
    • Campground name
    • Date of reservation
    • Reservation confirmation number
  2. Members can send, in one email, a screen shot of their “Past Reservations” page in their ReserveAmerica logged in member account to AdvantageRebates@activenetwork.com. If there are multiple account pages, send screenshots of each.
  3. Members can forward, on the same day, their past four (4) reservation confirmation emails to AdvantageRebates@activenetwork.com.

All submissions must include the member’s name, email address and mailing address where the rebate check will be sent.

How long will it take for my check to be mailed?

Please allow 4-8 weeks for a check to arrive.

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