State fishing license

Snag your state fishing license from ReserveAmerica and get as much as $25 back!

For the rebate, Members can send the following information for their state fishing license purchase to

1. Member name

2. Copy of the receipt or fishing license

3. Mailing address for check

Only fishing license purchases for which a confirmation email is received by the ACTIVE Advantage member may be used in connection with a rebate claim.

ACTIVE Advantage members will be reimbursed, via a mailed rebate check, up to $25.00 on their state fishing license purchase with or If the state fishing license is less than $25, the rebate check will be for the actual amount of the registration.

The state fishing license purchase included in the rebate claim must be made during the same 12-month membership year. Registrations made prior to January 1, 2017 are not eligible.

This offer does NOT apply to every state fishing license, only the first state fishing license made during a given membership year.

ACTIVE Advantage members that are in the midst of their free 30-day trial are not eligible to receive a rebate until after they have paid the annual ACTIVE Advantage membership dues of $89.95. After the annual ACTIVE Advantage membership dues are paid, state fishing license purchases made during the trial period, including a registration during which the trial membership was initiated, count towards the purchases necessary to qualify.

State fishing license purchases must be completed by the ACTIVE Advantage member for him/herself or for his/her immediate family member.

All state fishing license purchases must be made during the applicable membership year (e.g., if one license was purchased in February and the member signed up for the Advantage program in March, the purchase made in February will NOT count towards a rebate).

Claims for the state fishing license rebate must be submitted by current ACTIVE Advantage members. (e.g., if a member canceled his/her membership in February, then submits his/her claim in March, no rebate will be paid).

Once a member submits a state fishing license rebate claim, he/she is not eligible to submit another claim until 1 year following the prior rebate claim submission date.

Limit one registration rebate per 12-month period commencing with first qualifying state fishing license purchase.

Free licenses cannot be used as part of a rebate claim.

ACTIVE can cancel or modify the program at its sole discretion without further notice provided that any valid, qualifying rebate claims submitted prior to such modification or cancelation will be honored.

Rebate claims can be submitted to ACTIVE in one of two ways:

  1. ACTIVE Advantage Members can send, in one email, the following information for their state fishing license purchase to
    • Member name
    • Copy of the receipt
    • Mailing address for check
  2. ACTIVE Advantage Members can forward their state fishing license confirmation email to

All submissions must include the ACTIVE Advantage member’s name, email address, and mailing address where the rebate check is to be sent.

How long will it take for my check to be mailed?

Please allow 4-8 weeks for a check to arrive.

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