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You now have a choice for your free PRO Compression socks! Pick between charcoal heather or black over the calf marathon socks, or you can have 2 pairs of ankle socks. Blue rugby stripe still your favorite? Don't worry, it's still available for a limited time!

How it works:

1. Copy your coupon code and then click 'Shop now' to go to the Pro Compression website

2. There you will select the pair you want, your size, and add to cart

3. Enter shipping info and paste your code in the "Add a discount code or a gift card" field.

Remember, this code is available once a calendar year for members. Feel free to contact us ( if you can't remember when your next code will arrive! Trial members not eligible. Members within the United States receive 1 pair of Pro Compression socks each year.

I just renewed my membership, how come a new code isn't appearing?

Members are limited to redeeming 1 pair per 12-month period. Once 365 days have passed since you last redeemed your code, the code will refresh on this page.

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