How do I receive my ACTIVE Advantage trial offer registration rebates?

If you accepted the ACTIVE Advantage 30-day trial membership offer during your activity registration or campground reservation through one of our ACTIVE Network properties, you are eligible to redeem registration rebates in the coming 12-months. This gift is yours to keep and redeem regardless of whether you continue your membership after the trial period.

To view the full ACTIVE Advantage 30-day trial offer details and your full rebate instructions, select the type of activity/event that you registered for when accepting the trial offer:

I registered for an endurance sports activity/event (run, tri, etc):

I registered for a team/individual sports activity (baseball, tennis, etc):

I registered for a camp (summer camp, sports camp, etc):

I registered for a professional event (business conference, etc):

I registered for an activity with my local community organization (Park & Rec. dept, etc):

I made a campground reservation through Reserve America: